construction-site-903632It’s 2017, and that means for many businesses; it means get down to business. That means expansion, development, economic reviews, and budgets are all weighing heavily on developers’ minds.

The pacific northwest prides itself on being innovative and forward thinkers when it comes to sustainability, and modular building is a popular option as construction costs increase in the area in combination with a push to conserve timber and forests.

For commercial developers and investors, projects like 1800 Terry in Seattle are the new norm. This building, which will have 360 residential units and over 7000 square feet of ground floor retail as well as parking for 290 vehicles, the goal is to utilize modular construction to streamline the process.

Modular and green building is so popular in Portland that companies are forming to increase awareness of modular classrooms and are solely dedicated to connecting modular built classrooms to schools. An example can be seen here, a Waldorf school who embraced the modular idea when the school realized the benefits of modular in designing a better ventilation system and a building that was more efficient in energy, water, and offered more natural light than a traditionally constructed building.

Developers are scrambling to pitch modular construction as new reports are published that un-affordable housing costs are pushing more families into renting — even leaving — the state of California and specifically area like San Francisco. Many developers are pushing modular building as a solution because the home building gap can be filled quickly as long as zoning and permitting can be approved.

Architectural schools and programs are now incorporating modular into their curriculum and students are now tackling the overcrowding and budget issues by designing modular buildings. This high school in Portland received modular classrooms that were affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and more efficient.

Companies that supply modular builders are seeing an uptick in demand for supplies, stating that at one time their products were about 20% of the construction and modular building business, but because of the demand and popularity of prefabricated pieces, these businesses expect their products to become about 60% of the business.

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