Leamouth_riverside_building_1Many today still carry old-fashioned ideas that modular means an ugly box, but that has never been less true. In fact, due to increased interest from governments and citizens alike in the affordability, sustainability, affordability, timeliness, and recyclability of modular construction, modular is beginning to break boundaries across the globe.

Take My Micro NY, housing units in Brooklyn that will be as cheap as $950 a month, creating affordable housing in a long-inflated rental market. According to ArchDaily, for singles, students, and occupants on tight budgets, this 9-story “micro-building” will boast 9 foot ceilings, storage, and possibly a balcony.

While modular building is not new or necessarily unique to New York – which seems to be a leader in the industry in entertaining and implementing modular building – the innovation we are seeing in the five boroughs is getting more aesthetically appealing…and more cost-effective.
With the luxury market in NYC sliding, the focus on affordability and desirability is catching the eye of developers who are now turning to modular to fill the growing gap of housing. The modules were built off-site at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and then transferred on-site where they were stacked, bolted, and then built out with various shades of grey and different textures to add visual variation. Not only do the apartments appeal aesthetically, but tenants will also share a gym, lounge, roof terrace, bicycle storage and current trendy favorite: a community garden.

And it doesn’t stop there. It seems Brooklyn is steamrolling ahead with modular projects. Pod Hotel began to take shape when the developers wanted to build an affordable tourist destination that was simple in design yet beautiful in execution – a dream come true for a hipster on a budget! The hotel has done so well they now have three locations around the city, with their most current project having shipped in modular pieces all the way from Poland (some assembly required, of course)! The 210 pieces travelled over 4,000 miles to be designed and installed on a previously vacant lot. The new hotel will have a first floor restaurant, courtyard, rooftop terrace, and – to the delight of every out-of-towner – a parking garage.

So what’s the big deal with modular? Developers can rejoice: the project is coming in 15% cheaper and is expected to be completed in four months. Yes, you read that right. Less than half a year until this hotel is up and ready for booking.

As they say, the markets speak, and right now they’re shouting from the rooftops that price and location are top-tier priorities. As society’s lifestyles change, the corresponding culture shift is demanding more from less; less money, less space…and ultimately, less time. To get an idea of how much less time, watch this skyscraper go up in just 19 days. And no, this video isn’t about modular building in the United States, but it gives us a glimpse of what the future of modular has to offer our country; incredible designs and state-of-the-art features at a price tag most Americans can afford.

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