Millions of people each year flock to the Pacific Northwest to take advantage of the lush scenery, gorgeous weather, and multitude of activities. This has resulted in a boom for the tourism and hospitality industries in recent years, with developers racing to get their latest projects open for business in shorter and shorter turnarounds. After all, a new boutique hotel can’t give that legendary ROI when it’s sitting empty being built? Enter modular hotels, the latest innovation in building that allows for investors and developers to move from conception to occupancy in a matter of months. Yes, you read that right: months.

To understand how modular makes this possible, we have to understand modular building techniques, which companies like Aries employ. Unlike the inns of yesteryear, which would often sit empty for over a year as contractors struggled against budgets, materials loss, and inclement weather, modular hotels are constructed piece by piece entirely indoors, then shipped and assembled on-site. This reduces waste, labor, and materials, helping many projects to come in at or even under budget. When you factor these savings into the windfall investors see by having their latest hotel open after less than a year, the idea of modular hotels gets a whole lot more appealing.

Many recognizable hotel brands are turning to modular units to help construct franchisees and remote workforce locations as modular hotels are easy to construct and customize according to branding and aesthetic guidelines. Watch out for the Doubletree by Hilton in Tallahassee, Florida, which recently added many modular elements to add value for their guests!

Aries PNW specializes in modular projects across the Pacific Northwest. Together, we can help you design, finance, and install your very own modular building, perfect for a pop-up hotel or event space. Want to learn more? Get in touch by filling out our contact form and letting us know how we can build your next project from the ground up – faster, safer, and more affordably.